What Is A Contributory Publishing Agreement

It would be worth signing a hybrid agreement if it meant that my book would be distributed to bookstores. As a self-editor, I can`t do that. But would that be the case? What is really happening are hybrid publishers who make books available to bookstores to order, which is something completely different. There is no guarantee that bookstores will make an order for my book. In fact, they are more likely not. After all, traditional publishers know what bookstores want, and if they thought it was going to sell, they would have offered me a deal. Olympia is certainly pred-ed.com (the site of the Preditors and publishers) and www.sfwa.org/other-resources/for-authors/writer-beware/thumbs-down-publishers/ where you can see that Olympia is part of Austin Macauley. Read the article. They`re vanity editors, Melinda. You will offer some kind of service that you will pay in advance, and as a result, they will almost always offer to publish your work for an excessive amount. You know they don`t get anything in the type of sale, and they probably don`t exist to try to push your work one way or another. If they really think your book is going to be okay, they`ll charge you less because they`ll get money from your sales. You have to read each contract very carefully, preferably with legal aid, to find out what they will do for all the money, and what you will earn, if any, from any sale.

The vanity part means that they earn a living by offering contracts to inexperienced writers, and hope that the temptation to be able to say.” This is not a publishing agreement as you would get with a traditional publishing house, and it will not make you more attractive to these traditional publishers at a later date. Some of these companies close after bad publicity and reappear the next day under another name – doesn`t make them better. Sharks and minnovs come to mind! Imagine this: if they wanted to charge you $2000 and your book cost $2, you would have to sell 1000 pounds to earn the $2,000 you already paid, and you could make a profit per copy. How much would depend on their cut? (Back to contract.) But many authors would find it difficult to sell so many copies, and new authors would probably not reach that level if they were not very special. The sale would depend on the advertising – it`s up to you to do it, so you get the price out of your numbers. Could you do what you paid them? It`s not likely.