Accenture Non Compete Agreement

This agreement and the commitment agreement contain the entire agreement between the parties on the purpose of the agreement and replace all written and written and prior written agreements between the parties on these issues. This agreement can be executed in any number of counter-parties, each considered original, but all these counterparties together form an agreement. b) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (a) of this section 4, Accenture SCA may bring an action before a competent court or initiate a particular procedure: in order to compel a mediation partner to request a temporary or temporary discharge until a dispute between the contracting parties is resolved and/or a sentence is served, and, for the purposes of this paragraph (b), each partner (i) expressly accepts the application of paragraph (c) of this section 4 to such an action or procedure, and (ii) unequivocally refers to Accent 398`s general partner. L-1471, Luxembourg (or, if not, the head office of Accenture SCA`s company at the time) as such a partner agent for the procedure department in relation to such an act or procedure and accepts that the notification of the procedure to that agent, which immediately informs that partner of such a procedure service, is considered in all respects as an effective service of procedure for the partner in such an act or procedure. (d) where a payment event has occurred and continues with respect to a pledgor (or the partner controlling that pledgor), the pawn taker (subject to the terms of the transfer agreement or other bonding agreement) is allowed to vote on these securities and exercise all these collateral rights relating to those securities, and to receive and retain all cash dividends and distributions or interest relating to these securities and other distributions and to grant them consents, waiver declarations and, if applicable, interest. (b) This agreement may not be amended with respect to a Pledgor as a written agreement carried out by that pen and the pledge or its successors, nor may it waive a provision which is not repealed by a written document of the party granting such a derogation; provided that: that the undertaking may amend or modify this agreement with respect to a Pledgor without the written agreement of such a Pledgor, if such an amendment or amendment (i) is not substantial against that Pledgor and (ii) is necessary or desirable in the judgment of a previous licensed creditor, in order to create or contribute the security interest for the pirated securities granted to it in advance. No Pledgor may directly or indirectly cede The rights or obligations of Pledgor under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the successor or those who have declared themselves there, and such an assignment by that Pledgor, in violation of this agreement, is null and void. This agreement binds all approved successors and beneficiaries of the transfer. Without infringing Onors` obligations under this agreement, the pledge may, at any time and from time to time, cede its rights and obligations in connection with this partnership to one of its subsidiaries or related companies (and transfer those rights and obligations to it, as well as to another related subsidiary or subsidiary). This agreement binds the pawnbroker and his successors and beneficiaries of the assignment and applies. CONSIDERING that each partner recognizes and accepts that it is essential to the success of Accenture Ltd`s IPO, with its Class A common shares and the company, and that it will be represented in this context in order to protect the interests of member companies transferred by Accenture`s partners in the accenture Ltd or Accenture SCA transaction by non-competitive agreements that are similar to the current agreements; and (a) This agreement and the non-compete agreement include the entire agreement between the Pledgors, Accenture SCA