A General Agreement Svenska

I det tysk-svenska lexikonet hittar du fler `vvers-ttningar. Bilateral agreements between governments on recognition of qualifications must be open to other members who wish to join. In addition, each member must ensure that monopolies and exclusive service providers do not abuse their position. Similarly, members should discuss ways to eliminate business practices that may limit competition. In addition, members who enter into a free trade agreement or customs union can liberalize trade in services among themselves without having to extend the agreement to other GATS members. However, their bilateral or regional agreement must have significant sectoral coverage and aim to reduce or avoid discrimination. The agreement is also based on the principle of dealing with issues. In the sectors listed on each member`s list, each Member State treats, under its conditions, products from another Member State no less favourably than its own domestic products. The rules on market access and national treatment are not general requirements, but specific obligations contained in the calendars attached to the GATS and are an integral part of the agreement. These schedules define the services and services for which market access is provided and define the conditions for that access. After consolidation, these obligations can only be amended or withdrawn after negotiating compensation with the country concerned. In order to ensure maximum transparency, the agreement requires governments to publish all relevant laws and regulations.

These measures must be implemented appropriately, objectively and impartially. The decision approves the agreement by which the WTO was created on behalf of the European Community (now the European Union -EU), including the General Agreement on Trade in Services The agreement is based on the principle of the Most Favoured Nation (MFN), whereby each Member State does not treat the enterprises of another Member State less favourably than its own or those of other countries. However, there are exceptions for certain service activities in a list of exceptions to the MFN requirement. In fact, any government could impose restrictions on foreign companies` access to their markets. The GATS foresees negotiations that will begin within five years in order to achieve a higher level of liberalization of trade in services. This liberalization will aim to strengthen the commitments set out in the timetables and reduce the negative effects of the measures taken by governments. The implementation of the concessions and commitments contained in the timetables attached to this protocol is subject, at the request of the members, to multilateral review. This would not affect the rights and obligations of members arising from the agreements listed in Schedule 1A of the WTO agreement. Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations (1986-1994) — agreement establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO) GATT var t-nntt som ett fersta steg word bildandet av en interneationell Handelsorganisation, International Trade Organization (ITO), men efter att ferslaget om bildandet hade r├ástats ner unter Bretton Woodskonferensen kom det ist├állet att bli den permanenta grunden fer dagens v-rdshandelsregim. [1] Negotiations on subsidies, public procurement and safeguards should continue.